Online Video Slots

Video slotsOut of the different kinds of slots that are now available at both brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos, online video slots make up the majority of the selections that are available. The easiest way to think of video slots is to think of them as the offspring of the original slots. Games that were popular during the so-called ‘golden era’ of casinos in places such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City as well as European brick and mortar casinos such as the ones found in London, Paris and Monaco.

The original slot machines, also called ‘one-armed bandits’ were enormously popular and featured three reels and one to five pay lines. The traditional symbols on these games usually featured a variety of fruit including cherries, melons, lemons and limes as well as other symbols including bars, stars, horseshoes and playing card symbols including kings, queens, and jacks.

Online video slots on the other hand typically feature five reels and ten, twenty or much more pay lines. As the name would suggest, video slots are purely digital, and there are no actual mechanical elements involved in their movements. All of the features including how the reels spin, are controlled by computer chips and the games also feature very sophisticated random number generators to ensure fair results at all times.

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Video Slots Casino Bonuses:

100% up to 200€ Welcome Bonus + 77 Free Spins No Deposit
100% up to 100% up to 200 + 200 Free Spins
100% up to 240€ + 24 Free Spins No Deposit
100% up to 100% bonus up to €100 + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 1000$ + 50 Free Spins No Deposit

History of Video Slots

Fortune Coin slot machineThe first electro-mechanical slot machine was introduced to casinos in the mid nineteen sixties and, for the first time, the springs and levers that had controlled the slot machines had been replaced by electronic devices and parts. This was the highest state of the technology at the time and remained that way for another decade when the first actual video slot machine was introduced by a man named Walt Fraley. Walt’s video screen slot machine was called “Fortune Coin” and, perhaps unsurprisingly, was not familiar with slots fans at all. The main reason for this was that people did not understand or trust the technology of ‘virtual’ or video reels.

Fortunately for Walt, IGT or International Gaming Technology bought this new video technology and proceeded to develop a broad range of new video slot games. It still took a few more years for the new style of the slot to become popular but by the nineteen eighties the video slot game had developed into one of the most popular games at casinos. The eighties featured many new and exciting innovations such as bonus rounds, linked jackpot games, and progressive jackpots which increased the popularity of online video slots exponentially.

The advent of the internet in the mid nineteen nineties saw the introduction of the online casino and much of the world that had not had the opportunity to visit a brick and mortar casino suddenly had a chance to play great online video online slots. The game reached all new heights in popularity and continued to develop new features. Today, video online slots are the most played casino game in the world and feature incredible 3D graphics, exciting themes including popular movies and TV shows and feature multiple bonus rounds, free spins and much more.

Video Slots Rules

The rules that govern video slots are not that much different to the rules that govern slots in general, and they all follow the same basic gameplay. To start playing video slot machines, a bet has to be placed. This is the equivalent of putting a coin in the slot in old fashioned slot games except that now it’s all digital. Placing a bet can be achieved simply by pressing the ‘bet’ button. It is also important to note that the coin size and number of active pay lines must be selected if it applies to that particular video slot game.

To trigger the bonus rounds in most video slot games, one has to align certain special game symbol across the five reels. These symbols are called scatter symbols and the number needed to initiate the video slot game bonus round depend on the actual game being played. There are always rules regarding specific video slot games posted within the game itself, and these can usually be accessed along with the video slot pay table specific to that game.

Tips For Playing Online Video Slots

Video online slots are very easy to play which is one of the reasons why they are so popular all over the world. Although online video slots are mostly about luck, you can take a few tips on board before commencing your video slot gaming which may help to enhance your overall experience of the game.

There are hundreds of video online slots to choose from, and one of the best tips that may help you to go about choosing the best video slot game for you is to play as many free video slot games as you can. Most online casinos will offer their video online slots as a demo or ‘for fun’ mode or as a real money mode. Another useful tip is always to practice a strong bankroll management to ensure that you can get the most out of your video online slots gaming sessions.

Popular Video Slot Games

Of all types of slot games including classic online slots, online video slots, and progressive online slots, online video slots seem to always be the type or style most widely available. There are tons of different video online slots to choose from, many with interesting and exciting themes. Top online video online slots include Game of Thrones, Starburst, Hitman and Tomb Raider. These are just a few examples, but there are much, much more to choose from.

Popular software providers for video slots

Some online casino software developers specialize in developing top online video slots while some video slot software providers will only have games available for certain markets or territories. It is important to try a few different provider out as each has their unique way of designing games and adding special features. Top online video slot designers to look out for include: