UK Betting Guide | UK Betting Sites, Bonuses & Free Bets

Flag of UKUnited Kingdom is well known as a country where sports, especially the likes of football and horse racing are regarded as a very important part of life. Along with the love for sports, the British people also enjoy betting on sports. This makes watching the sporting events all the more entertaining.

Sports betting in the UK has been a tradition for many decades. From good old fashioned bookies in the corner pub, things evolved through the years. Leading up to the current state where dozens of live and online bookmakers are providing legal and safe sports betting services for millions of British bettors.

UK betting is the main target of many bookmakers as UK makes for a significant portion of the bettors pool. Along with the high number of punters coming from the UK, bookies also like the fact that UK betting aficionados often bet lots of cash and like to bet often.

UK Betting Sites

United Kingdom is such an important part of the sports betting market that dozens of online betting sites are either based in or mainly targeted at the UK audience. The UK betting sites focus mainly on domestic sports and leagues such as the Premier League or horse racing events, which are extremely popular among the UK bettors.

The dozens of UK betting sites out there provide huge versatility and dozens of options for each and every bettor to choose among. From various markets on offer to different promotions, there is plenty of reasons to join each and every one of the UK betting sites. You can easily understand why such fierce competition exists.

Even though it may seem difficult to choose which UK betting site to join, the choice is actually not needed. Joining one UK betting site does not prevent you from joining others. This means you can easily have multiple accounts. Then you can swith among them to make the best of each and every offer available.

Making The Best Of UK Betting Sites

Various UK bookmaker sites offer many perks and reasons to join them. From competitive odds to excellent bonuses and promotions, you will easily find reasons to join every major UK betting site and you most certainly should join all of them if you enjoy sports betting.

While it may seem strange to a live punter to join many bookmakers, playing at multiple UK betting shops actually is a great idea. This is because each of the bookies provides separate promotions, bonuses, enhanced odds, free bets and more.

Making the best of each of these offers as well as always placing your bets with the bookie who offers the best price for an event makes sports betting more lucrative and winning more likely. On top of this, chasing down all the fun promotions and bonuses can really be entertaining and provide for some enjoyable moments as you scour the internet in search for the best offer available for a certain match or another.

What Makes UK Betting Sites So Great

Every betting site that operates in the UK has to operate under a license from the UK Gambling Authority. This license is difficult to obtain and a bookie needs to be legit and fully safe before the license is issued. This alone makes playing at UK betting sites a great idea, as they are surely the safest around.

Furthermore, UK betting sites are often the most generous as well, being massive companies with billion pound budgets. These companies, who also have sponsorship deals with huge clubs such as Real Madrid or Manchester City, can afford to give away millions of pounds in free bets and bonuses in order to obtain new customers. While this is a great marketing strategy for them. It is also a great opportunity for you as a bettor to capitalize on.

Last, but certainly not the least, the large UK betting sites usually provide the very best odds for various sporting events possible. Betting shops such as Bet365 will provide the absolute best odds on well over 80% of all events. Making an account with such companies an absolute must have for most serious punters and those smart enough.