New Online Casinos: Advantage & Disadvantage For Choosing Casino

Although there are hundreds of providers offering online casino games already, new online casinos appear almost on a daily basis.

New online casinos

New online casinos

It may seem strange, so many companies decide to launch a new casino site in an already saturated market. However, online gambling is a very lucrative industry. Everyone wants their share of the pie.

In this article, we will discuss new online casinos from a player’s perspective. What are pros and cons of registering with new casino sites? Why would you pick a new casino over older, well-established brands?

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Advantages of New Online Casinos

Let’s start with the good stuff first. If you’ve been online gambling for a while, you probably have accounts with all the older casinos. Playing at a reputable casino has its advantages, but old customers don’t get those sweet welcome bonuses. You only get those once, and that’s it.

Finding good new casino sites to play with will let you get a new test of welcome bonus promos. These offers are often very generous, sometimes several times more generous than those of the large casinos. The logic is simple. New online casinos need a way to attract players, and there is nothing better than free casino money to convince players to give new casino sites a chance.

In addition to this, new online casinos may give you access to brand new casino games. The number of casino games supplier out there is really big. The odds are, you haven’t had a chance to play all online casino slots so far. Perhaps your site(s) only offered games from a select few providers. Finding one or more new casino sites will give you access to a new library of games. In all likelihood, you’ll love some of these new games.

Disadvantages of New Casino Sites

There are two sides to every medal. Not everything is great about all new casino sites. Giving a new casino a chance is a gamble in itself. Since new casino sites haven’t been around for a long time, there is hardly any information out there. Player casino reviews are usually the best way to decide if a casino is trustworthy and these will be lacking with new online casinos.

A majority of online casinos are run in accordance with proper business practices and law stipulations. However, there are always a few bad apples in the basket. Some new casino sites will try to take advantage of their players and steal their money. They may do this by preventing and delaying cashouts, or by offering games with unfair Return To Player (RTP) percentages.

Also, the welcome bonus we’ve mentioned a bit earlier can be misleading with new casino sites. They will only display the attractive information, while wagering requirements and other restrictions will be well-hidden. You might end up with a great-looking bonus that’s anything but.

How to choose a New Online Casino

Choosing an online casino wisely is essential. This industry is still much unregulated and there are millions of rogue casinos or scams that will offer attractive prizes and then pay nothing of the sort. That’s why researching and looking for answers is crucial before registering on any online casino.

The way to go about gathering the information is the following. First, create a shortlist of new online casinos you are interested in. You can do this by looking at the company behind the casino, reading welcome bonus conditions, and checking their visual presentation. New casino sites run by trusted companies are usually the best pick.

Once you’ve created a shortlist of your favorite new online casinos, take them for a test ride. Most online venues will let you play their games and check the software without depositing. Create a free account and take your time checking everything out. If there is a no deposit bonus as well, even better.


Our Top 7 checklist for new online casinos

Look at the Casino’s History

First of all, if you see that the casino you chose according to your preference is new or there’s no recorded history online about its existence, stay away from it.

Most of the well-respected online casinos exists for years now, and offer regular and fair play. The best advice is to search for player’s comments and see how they operated in the past and how they operate now.


Check the Rank as Well

The best ranked casinos are obviously the safest option. There are plenty of reviewing websites that record the newest updates, the complaints or the positive comments in regards with a particular casino.


Double Check the Reliability

Almost all casinos nowadays have reliable licensing companies controlling them. So maybe the first thing you need to do is scroll down and look which licensing company is watching over them. The most reliable nowadays are Malta Gaming Authority and Gambling Commission. If the casino is licensed here, you’re good to go.

Also, take a look at the software they are using. Choosing a casino that runs by Playtech and Microgaming would be the best choice you could make.


Understand the Banking Policy

As soon as you decide on a casino, what you need to do next is read the banking policy section carefully. Check the payment methods, the currencies, as well as the pending time of the withdrawals. But most importantly, check the correspondence of deposit and withdrawal methods. See whether the casino suits your needs before you make any deposits.


Go Through the T&C Section Carefully

Don’t skim through the T&C section; read it carefully. There are many teeny-tiny letters describing the wagering requirements that you might miss and you shouldn’t. Also, some casinos have restrictions in regards with bonuses and withdrawals. Make sure you become familiar with all the terms and conditions in order to avoid unpleasant experiences during your play.


Put the Customer Support on Test

Before you deposit, make sure to check that the customer support will be there for you when there’s a need. More often than not, the customer support lines are super busy or they are non-responsive to messages and live chats. Test them and see whether they are really as quick in responding as they claim.


Check the List of Games and Bonuses Available

Finally, you’ve come to the most pleasant part of the security check. Now that you went through all the regulations, it’s time for fun. Check the list of games that are available and look for bonuses related to those games. Look for casinos that offer the biggest bonuses with the smallest wagering requirements.

In addition, see whether the games are compatible to mobile devices, because you never know when and where you would like to play them.