Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos are becoming more and more popular with online casino gamblers all over the world. As a result, more and more casinos are providing this service. In this article we will tell you which mobile casinos we recommend and what you should look for in your new mobile gambling provider.

As the technology driving the mobile device industry keeps advancing, playing great casino games from a mobile device platform becomes easier. Not too long ago there wasn’t much you could achieve with a mobile phone other than making phone calls and send basic text messages. Within a fairly short space of time, the mobile phone industry has exploded. Today`s mobile phone is a far cry from the type of devices available a decade ago.

Mobile Casinos We Recommend:

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Mobile casinosThe latest generation of smartphones are essentially micro-sized mobile computers containing incredibly powerful processing hardware and software, giving users access to lightning-speed processing of digital data including web browsing, live video streaming, real-time video conferencing and calling, social media access and much more. The online or digital casinos as we know them today have also gone through a remarkable evolution since their first introduction in the later nineteen nineties shortly after the World Wide Web became a fully-fledged global platform.

Mobile Casino Compatibility

Today casino gamblers are able to access a wide range of exciting digital casino products including live casinos featuring real-time video streaming directly from a real casino. Many of the best online casinos saw the potential of offering their particular casino brand on a more compact mobile platform, giving rise to the mobile casino industry that has taken the online gaming world by storm.

The latest versions of mobile casinos take advantage of cutting-edge mobile web technology and are able to produce precisely the same digital casino experience that you would normally find at leading desktop casinos, complete with generous mobile casino bonuses and tailor-made mobile casino games that cover a wide range of styles to suit all preferences.

While some online casinos still offer dedicated apps for specific operating systems, usually iOS (Apple) and Android (Google), others are now offering a no app mobile casino that does not require users to download a specific app from their operating system’s app store. This is a much more inclusive system and allows users on different operating systems including Windows Phone and Blackberry as well as iOS and Android, easy access to their products. Some casinos also offer additional mobile casino bonuses for using their app or a specific operating system.

These mobile casinos use the most advanced HTML5 mobile web browsers to enable direct access from the user’s favorite mobile device including tablets and the beauty of the system is that the online casino website simply adapts to the specifications of that device including its screen size and screen resolution. It is also interesting to note that some of the world’s largest operating systems are now developing advanced mobile devices with near-flagship features in much cheaper device handsets (including tablets) which means that more and more players around the world can now access a range of mobile casinos and take advantage of their best features and products.

Mobile Casino Games

Anyone that has ever visited an online casino or even a brick and mortar (land-based) casino will know that the most popular casino game of all time is the slot machine. In land-based casinos, slot machines take up around 70%-80% of the casinos floor space and, although, in a more virtual sense, the same basic equation applies to online casinos as well. Online slots are incredibly popular with the vast majority of casino gamblers. There are many reasons for this phenomenon but it seems that mostly it is because online slots are simple to play, contain incredible sound and graphic detail, offer a great deal of fun and can potentially earn millions in minutes.

The same Mobile Casino Gamesbasic ratio is transferred to the mobile casino gaming platform with the vast majority of mobile casino games allocated to a variety of slot games. The first generation or two of the mobile casino only offered a limited range of casino games including slots and table varieties but the latest generation of the mobile casino is a lot different.

You can now easily access hundreds of the very best mobile slots including 3 reel classics, 5 reel video, and 3D as well as progressive jackpot slots. Fans of various table games such as roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat can also access a decent variety of these along with top video poker games.

Some top mobile casinos also offer a select number of their live games which is very exciting. This means that you can enjoy roulette, poker, baccarat or blackjack with a live dealer on your mobile device, where ever you like.

Mobile Casino Software

When choosing a mobile casino to play at, the same basic rules apply as with a desktop casino. Firstly, one has to consider the quality of the gaming software that the casino employs along with the safety and security of the platform. Choosing mobile casinos that are powered by reputable casino gaming software also provides a number of features which ensure fair, honest and transparent gaming including random number generators. These random number generators, or ‘RNG’s’ as they are more popularly known as, ensure that every result in every digital (virtual) game is 100% random and completely fair.

Some of the top casino software providers are also now producing mobile versions of their products and it is important to note what casino software is powering the mobile casino you are interested in. Some mobile casinos use a single software provider while other will use multiple software providers, each has its pros and cons.

Casino software developers

Some experienced online casino gamblers prefer a single provider especially when it is brand such as Microgaming, the oldest and most experienced online casino software provider in the world. A number of mobile casinos will also offer additional mobile casino bonuses which directly relate to a particular software provider. Some of the newer software providers are breathing new life into the industry and this is also attractive to newer casino gamblers. Top mobile casino software providers to look out for include:

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • NetEnt (Net Entertainment)
  • NextGen Gaming
  • Cryptologic/WagerLogic
  • Realtime Gaming (RTG)
  • Betsoft Gaming
  • Thunderkick
  • Novomatic
  • IGT
  • Aristocrat
  • WMS Gaming
  • Play’n Go

Android Mobile Casinos

Android is considered to be the single largest mobile device operating system and is owned by Google. The brand dominates the mobile device landscape and, ever since it entered the mobile device market in 2008, has outstripped other mobile device operating systems including Apple’s iOS which actually had been active in the mobile device market several years before Android even existed.

Android Casino Compatibility

One of the reasons why Android currently dominates the mobile device marketplace is quite simple. While iOS powers several proprietary Apple products which are extremely popular throughout the world including the coveted iPhone series as well as the larger iPad series, the price point of these units is generally out of the reach of many consumers.

Android on the other hand powers a range of different manufacturer devices from top brands such as Samsung and Sony through the range of Chinese smartphones and tablets which are beginning to dominate the market. Many of the cheaper Chinese mobile device brands such as Huawei and Xaomi are very affordable yet still manage to deliver top of the range performance.

This ultimately translates into more online casinos that are able to offer Android compatible mobile casinos and more top digital casino software providers designing top games to run on the Android operating system. Generally speaking, accessing mobile casinos from an Android mobile device offers a wider range of mobile casino game options. However, some top online casinos and sportsbooks only offer their mobile casino on iOS for various reasons.

Android Casino Games

The Android mobile operating system is extremely powerful and flexible. Because of this, designers and online casino game makers are able to tailor their products to perfectly suit the Android operating system. This brings out a range of specific qualities in the games. This can include the speed at which the games run, the quality of the graphics used, the range of mobile casino games available, and available mobile casino bonuses on the OS and so on. Mobile casino games are available for Android-powered smartphones and tablets and you can enjoy virtually all of the latest slots, video poker and table games with ease.

One of the benefits of choosing to go with the biggest mobile operating system in the world is that you will be virtually guaranteed to find a very wide range of top games as well as bonuses. If accessing them from Androids latest OS versions Marshmallow, you can get the full benefit of the latest 3D graphics from top slots makers such as NetEnt and Betsoft among others. Many of the top online casinos also offer great bonuses for Android users designed to be used with their range of Android games.

iPhone Mobile Casinos

Apple released its very first generation of the mobile phone in 2007 and is known simply as the first gen or first-generation mobile device from the brand. The mobile device was immediately popular. Although rather limited by today’s standards, changed the way many thought of mobile communication. The earliest Apple mobile devices including the 1st gen, 3G and 3GS contributed enormously to the popularity of mobile casinos. Up until Apple introduced their first smartphones, gamblers could only play very basic games on the mobile devices.

The introduction of a technology known as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled mobile device users to connect to the internet and download data, including certain games, to their mobile devices.

The earliest casino games were downloaded and played in this manner but were a far cry from today’s standard of mobile casino games but still worked quite well on most feature phones, the forefathers of today’s smartphone. Apple had an early lead with their proprietary iOS operating system for the first few years up until the release of their iPhone 4 model in 2010, designed to compete with the then emerging Google/Android operating system.

iPhone Casino Compatibility

Over the last few years, there have been a number of different iPhone versions with the 2007 1st gen version kicking things off. The first generation of iOS-powered smartphones really helped revolutionize the way that mobile device users interact with their real and virtual environments. Shortly after the launch of their very first smartphone, Apple launched their app store. Before long, the most popular games downloaded from the Apple Store was Texas Hold’em Poker. Apple followed up their first generation phone with the 3G and 3Gs models in 2008 and in 2009 respectively.

These advanced mobile devices offered powerful features which included networking and web technology. Apple’s iPhone 4 really helped online casinos to make a mobile casino available to their players who wanted to take advantage of exciting new games and bonuses. Android may have surpassed Apple’s iOS platform in popularity but iOS is still enormously popular around the world and there are a range of great mobile casino games to choose from for iOS users.

iPhone Casino Games

As with the Android mobile casino games, the variety that is available for all generations of iPhone is excellent. Many of today’s top mobile casinos now offer a fully-fledged iPhone app for all iOS models which can be easily downloaded and installed from the Apple Store. Accessing your preferred online casino via your iPhone is quick and easy.

You can even register your account from your iPhone.

Many online casinos also offer great mobile casino bonuses specifically for iPhone users. Top mobile casino games that are available on iPhone includes all the latest mobile slots including 5 reel 3D slots, progressive jackpot slots and a range of the latest table games. The latest iPhone 6, 6S and iPhone 7 and 7S can also display the latest HD digital casino game graphics and are more than fast enough to run full live casino games in real time through mobile video streaming.

iPad Mobile Casinos

Apple decided to branch out a little from their successful iPhone mobile smartphones by introducing a device that bridged the gap between smartphone and laptop or desktop computer. The very first iPad tablet devices were introduced in 2010 and were an immediate success.

The iPad uses a larger screen and layout to a smartphone and is commonly classified as a tablet device. Since the introduction of the iPad tablet device, many others, mainly on the Android operating system, have entered the market.

The subsequent introduction of iPad mobile casinos also helped to popularize the mobile casino concept and helped in the development of innovative new games that needed to look good on the larger tablet screen format.

iPad Casino Compatibility

Just like its sister product, the iPhone along with its various iterations is compatible with any and all online casino games that are designed specifically for the iOS operating system. Up until fairly recently, most online casinos that launched mobile casinos usually only did so for the two main operating systems, iOS and Android. Alternative operating systems such as Windows just weren’t well-developed enough to justify a separate app for them. Blackberry games were made available by certain online casinos however.

Many players actually prefer experiencing mobile casino games on the somewhat larger iPad tablet screen which, depending on your particular iPad tablet device can be up to 9.7 inches. There are also a number of digital casino game software manufacturers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and others. They develop separate versions of their most popular slots specifically for the larger screen dimensions of the iPad. This often includes redesigning the reels and the layout of the columns in certain slots games. Many casinos also offer separate bonuses just for iPad users which they can then use on select games designed for their preferred device.

iPad Casino Games

As outlined in the previous section, certain games seem to be a more immersive and exciting experience when they are played on an iPad (or many tablet devices in general). Mobile casinos often populate the game libraries with a number of iPad-specific games to suit players that prefer to use tablets to play their casino games over smartphone handsets.

The most popular types of games for iPad tablet devices are games that can be played in a landscape layout format. This works particularly well for 5 reel video slots as the landscape length really lets the 5 reels pop. Many top slots developers including NetEnt, Evolution, NextGen and others have developed a range of themed 3D 5 reel slots. These look stunning on the tablet screen format. Top slot producers are also beginning to release more and more of these sorts of games. With very lucrative bonuses, for the growing iPad mobile tablet market.