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Live online casinos have been flourishing over the past few years. While the demand for live dealer casinos has always been there, technical possibilities were highly restricted. New technologies opened the doors for new casino live developments.

Live dealerPlayers love live casino sites because they bring that brick & mortar feel straight to their homes. Live online casinos offer a chance to play many popular games with flesh and blood dealers. These live dealer casinos give you a real gambling experience without ever leaving your home.

Live Casino Sites History

The outcry for live dealer casinos has been present ever since first online casinos had appeared. Many players just didn’t feel comfortable playing against computers. Sadly, implementing live online casinos was, at first, too difficult.

With Internet speeds increasing, online casinos live have become possible over time. Big casino companies have jumped at the chance to develop casino live environment. They knew players would welcome a chance to play casino live in an online environment. As expected, live online casinos were a huge hit when they first appeared.

Initially, live casino sites and live dealer casinos featured only one or two tables. As technologies developed and more people started to take an interest in live dealer casinos, numbers of casino live tables grew as well. Online casinos live have become all the craze.

Casino Live Games

Today, live online casinos feature numerous games. You can play blackjack, baccarat, casino poker, and much more at live casino sites. Casino live game libraries are, in fact, quite impressive. There is hardly a popular game you can’t play at live dealer casinos. You can find all the games you’ll find in traditional casinos.

Likewise, you can play casino live games at different stakes. Often, online casinos live will let you play lower than your local brick & mortar casinos. From fun players to high rollers, modern casino live venues cater to everyone. You won’t feel excluded even if you have a small bankroll. Live casino sites strive to provide all players with quality fun.

Online casinos live dealers are usually very competent, friendly, and good-looking. Like traditional casinos, live casino sites aim to impress and dazzle. They want their players to be relaxed and enjoy their experience at casino live tables. That’s why most live online casinos only employ the best, most competent dealers. Online casinos live realize it’s a full-encompassing experience the players are after.

Advantages of Live Casinos

Live online casinos offer some nice advantages for players. First and foremost, you play with and against real people. This removes cheating concerns. Online casinos live offer real-time gambling experience. You will see a real ball spinning and real cards on the casino live felt. If you worry about rigged games, live dealer casinos are the answer.

Playing at live online casinos can also be more fun. Online gambling can sometimes become lonely. It is just you against the machines. Playing live casino games lets you interact with people. It gives you a chance to chat with the dealer or your fellow players. Live online casinos bring back the social element of gambling.

Finally, live dealer casinos can be more exciting. Winning with other people around you is always more thrilling. Seeing dealer’s reactions at live casino sites adds to the overall online gambling experience. Live casino sites truly make you feel as if you were right there. With live dealer casinos, you can experience gambling as it was meant to be.

Disadvantages of Casino Live Games

Of course, there is also a flip side to live dealer casinos. The most obvious disadvantage of casino live games is the lack of speed. You won’t see as many hands or spins playing at live casino sites. Dealt by human dealers, casino live games are naturally slower. If you are impatient, online casinos live may not be for you.

Also, although games are fairly cheap, online casinos live are more expensive than traditional online casinos. You won’t be able to play games for $0.10 a hand. Online casinos live are geared more towards a bit higher stakes. You’ll still be able to wager $0.50 or $1 at most live casino sites.
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Final Thoughts

Live casino games can be a lot of fun. Online casinos live let you experience real-life gambling from your home. If you want to enjoy online gambling properly, live dealer casinos just might be the thing for you. These live casino sites cater to all your gambling needs.

On the other hand, live online casinos are not for impatient ones. Live casino sites games are slower. You won’t see as many hands or spins as you are used to. If you love fast-paced, never-ending action, live dealer casinos may seem a bit boring.