Cheltenham Betting | Betting On The Cheltenham Racing Festival

Cheltenham FestivalHorse racing is one of the most popular sports in UK, but there are some events that take a special place in the horse racing calendar. Cheltenham Festival is certainly one such event, as this pinnacle of the National Hunt season provides some of the best horse races punters will see in the entire calendar year.

The extremely competitive races drive high prices even on solid horses, which in turn drives punters mad about betting the Cheltenham Festival. While the event certainly offers some great betting opportunities, Cheltenham is also very hard to predict and the races there tend to be extremely high variance for punters.

Anyone interested in placing some Cheltenham bets, should keep reading and find out a bit more about Cheltenham betting.

Where To Bet The Cheltenham Festival?

Cheltenham Festival is a popular horse racing competition featuring the very best race horses from UK and Ireland. As such, it is quite natural that the best choice for betting Cheltenham races are the UK bookmakers, many of which guarantee the best odds for every single race and every single horse of the entire Festival.

With Cheltenham, there is no doubt that one will always want to bet with the large British bookies, who are guaranteed to give offer the best prices. Cheltenham Festival is the one event in the horse racing calendar not to be missed, so make sure you prepare plenty of cash when it rolls around.

What To Bet On?

Cheltenham Festival features a number of highly competitive horse races. The races include the very best of the UK and Irish racing horses which means the competition is stiff and the prices are great for most horses in each race.

With such competitive prices, it can be difficult to decide which horse to bet. Still, some solid statistical analysis may easily give a great value bet and the biggest problem with Cheltenham races is the fact that the variance will be high no matter what one does.

Your best bet for Cheltenham would be to prepare a fairly deep bankroll and place plenty of bets on the various races across the Festival. This way, there will be more opportunities to strike big and reduce variances by placing many bets to even them out.

Can I Make Money With Cheltenham Betting?

Cheltenham is easily one of the most competitive and best priced sporting events in the sports betting year. True horse racing punters look forward to this event for months and there is no doubt that there is a ton of money to be made with this prestigious Festival.

Still, we advise anyone to be cautious when placing Cheltenham bets as the variance with this festival can be brutal, many surprises are to be expected and there are no true underdogs competing. Real horse racing aficionados, are advise to do research, enjoy the races and place bets when there is value to be had. The rest will be down to the horses, but with good preparation, success is likely.