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Online Casino Reviews & Ratings

Online casino reviews are what we are all about. We aim to bring you real honest and in-depth reviews of the sites we visit. We focus on online casinos, we eat, sleep, play and review them all day!

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As a casino resource, we believe it is our job to fill you up with as much information as possible. The gambling world can be brutal, and there are so many popping up it’s hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones!

Now we really can`t stand an online casino that doesn`t adhere to the basic rules and regulations. There aren’t many and to be honest. The industry itself lacks from having an overall body monitoring it.

So affiliate sites such as OnlineCasinoMonsters potentially get paid by the casinos to review their websites and give you some honest to goodness feedback!

Ahem!!… You might be thinking oh right so how can we believe you if you’re getting paid? This is the right thought to have, and yes some affiliate sites are just interested in making money.

Your casino guide

However, we do not give a shit if we get paid, we will write online casino reviews based on our own experiences!

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We have a long list of boxes we like to be able to tick before publishing casino reviews; we love to bring you exciting casino news and reviews of the fantastic games you can enjoy.

We relish in ripping apart bad casinos online that destroy your casino gameplay fun, and we want to arm you with the information you need!

The online gambling industry is about on the thrill of winning and casino gameplay is becoming one of the most popular casual past times!

Especially with the incredibly fast development of mobile technologies and the introduction of instant casino game platforms.

This attracts many people to create and develop online casinos. However, not everybody does it right, and many certainly do not live up to their hype.

OnlineCasinoMonsters wants to dispel the bullshit, make things clear and transparent, so you do not get caught out!

Our criteria for Online Casino Reviews

Below you will find our main list of casino online boxes we look to tick when rampaging our way through the sites we review! And you can be sure that our online casino reviews and honest and fair!

  • Is the online casino operated by one or more of the reputable and trusted gaming software and platform providers? (NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech etc…)?
  • Are they licensed by a regulated and trusted jurisdiction? (UK, Malta, Netherlands, Isle of Man etc.…)?
  • Does the casino online offer good casino bonuses, free spins, rewards, promotions etc.…?
  • Are their payout and wagering percentage’s fair?
  • Do they offer mobile casino online?
  • Do the online casinos advocate responsible gambling and safe betting?
  • Are they transparent and informative with their T’s & C’s and FAQ’s information?
  • Do they offer excellent customer service and support?
  • Do they have a reputable history?
  • Is the site well designed and graphically sound?
  • Is the site easy to navigate and ergonomic?
  • Does the online casinos’ theme work?
  • Do they have a secure platform and fast payouts?
  • Can you make swift and easy deposits and withdrawals?

As you can see we take the realm of online casino game play very seriously. We do this in our own unique, fun and ridiculously honest way!

Sometimes we will get paid for what we write and sometimes we won’t, what matters to us is that we are true to ourselves and you and you can trust our casino reviews!

All our casino reviews

Here you will find a list of all our reviews. Good luck and happy gambling!