Asian Handicap Betting Guide

    Asian handicap betting markets at Bet365

    Asian handicap betting markets at Bet365

    While most sports bets in the world are placed on the outright winners of sports events, there are many other markets available to bet on. Especially the online bookmakers like to offer multiple betting markets on each match and tend to offer dozens of markets for big football matches, such as the Premier League or Champions League matches.

    One betting market that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in recent years with the online bookmakers has certainly been the Asian Handicap. Originating from Indonesia, and formerly known as the Hang Cheng Betting, this spread betting form has taken the world of online bookmakers by storm.

    The popular betting market allows bookmakers to take much bigger bets as it eliminates the third option in a classic 1X2 betting and lowers the risks the bookies need to take. Likewise, Asian Handicap betting lowers the margins which the bookies charge, making it a favourite betting market for many professional sports bettors.

    Let’s take a closer look at what Asian Handicap is, how it works and why you should or shouldn’t bet on it.


    What Is Asian Handicap?

    Asian Handicap is a form of betting where teams are handicapped based on their form and general quality. The line is set in a way where both outcomes are relatively close to even money, and the bookmaker will keep a slight edge for themselves.

    In an example of Asian Handicap, a -1.5 handicap on the Home team means that the team will need to win the match by two goals or more in order for your bet to land. If your team wins by one, you lose the bet. Furthermore, a Double Asian Handicap is offered by many bookies. An example of this would be 0.0/-0.5 on the Home side. This means if your team wins by one or more goals, you win the bet. If the teams draw, you lose half of your bet and the other half is returned to you.

    Regular Asian Handicap eliminates the option of the draw, making it easier for bookmakers to take big bets from punters as the odds are lower and there is no chance at a huge upset. This is one of the main reasons so many bookies have added the option of Asian Handicap, especially for the major football leagues.

    Is There Value In Asian Handicap Betting?

    Asian Handicap betting has become one of the favourite markets for many professional punters. As you might expect, this is because there is simply so much value in it. The value comes from the lower edge the bookmakers take on this market as opposed to a classic 1X2 betting. Furthermore, various statistics and other elements may help punters predict that a certain handicap was wrongly assigned.

    In those cases when a punter does consider a handicap to be too low or too high, a bet will always be good expected value as the odds are never set very low and are usually about even money. This makes Asian Handicap betting a lucrative betting opportunity for many punters.

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    Where Can I Bet Asian Handicap?

    Asian Handicap betting is now present with many major betting sites including UK bookmakers. While it may not show in the main screen of the bookie, selecting your match of choice and listing through the various markets offered will give you the option to bet Asian Handicap more often than you knew.

    Most major bookmakers provide Asian Handicap markets for major football leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League and Europa League. Check out some of the major bookmakers’ sites and discover how the Asian Handicap works in practice today!