Alekmors Tower Slot

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Alekmors Tower Slot Features

  • 3 Reels
  • 243 Paylines
  • Wild & Scatter Symbols
  • Autoplay
  • Multiplier
  • Free Spins

Alekmors Tower Slot Basics

  • Game Type : Slots, Video Slots
  • Software : betsoft

Alekmors Tower Slot

100% up to €200 on first deposit

Coming to us from the famous developer of slots machines Betsoft, Alekomor’s Tower is an action-packed online casino game riddled with numerous features. The game features 243 ways to win, which means the potential for huge wins and online gambling excitement at its highest.

If you are a fan of all-pay slot machines, this casino online game is certain to tickle your fancy. There are so many fun features, accompanied by impressive animations, that there’ll never be a dull moment while playing Alkemor’s Tower.

Graphics & Sound

This casino online game is set inside Alkemor’s Tower, an old wizard doing what wizards do best – magic. The entire time you spend playing this online casino slot, Alkemor will be right there, cheering you on and casting his spells. Adding to the overall online gambling atmosphere is the background music, which is funny but still edgy.

Symbols in Alkemor’s Tower are not what you might be used to with other casino online slot machines. There are no Aces or Kings. This game features the wizard himself, magic mushrooms, rings, scrolls, potions, and crystals. There is also a spell book, which serves as a Scatter, as well as special Elemental symbols. Alkemor’s Tower offers a truly unique approach to slot machines.

Alekmors Tower Slot Review game

Gameplay & Features

As mentioned, there are 243 ways to win with this online casino game, putting this casino online game in the all-pay slot machines category. Every spin can bring about a big win if symbols fall your way. But the real online gambling thrill with Alkemor’s Tower comes from various features that can trigger at any given moment.

Elemental features are triggered when two Spell Books land on reels one and two and an elemental symbol lands on the reel three. Four different Elemental Spells can be activated with this online casino game:

  • Water – with a wave  of water, Alkemor turns all Elemental and Spell Book symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 into Wilds
  • Earth – all Elemental and Spell Book symbols on all but the first reel become Wild, while all other symbols are destroyed and replaced with new ones
  • Air – Elemental and Spell Book symbols become Wild, while other symbols are rearranged
  • Fire – All Elemental and Spell Book symbols turn Wild, and new Wilds are added according to the number of Spell Books on the reels

Alekmors Tower Slot Review gameplay

Elemental Spells aren’t the only feature in Alkemor’s Tower. This online casino slot also features free spins, like most other slot machines, for your ultimate online gambling enjoyment. Free spins are triggered when at least three Spell Books land on the first three reels. There are two types of free spins in this casino online game: Nature and Celestial.

During Nature free spins, the Vine feature is active, turning all surrounding symbols into cash prizes. Celestial free spins have a similar feature, but here it’s called Black Hole.

With so many ways to win with Alkemor’s Tower, you are guaranteed a memorable online gambling experience. This online casino slot can pay you handsomely, and nice graphics and edgy music will ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

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