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Welcome to Online Casino Monsters, the new online casino review site bringing you its readers a real honest insight into the casinos onlinecasinomonsters.comonline we love to get our teeth into and those we don’t. That’s right, we eat online casinos morning, day and night, wanting to bring you our readership the best and worst of what is on offer in this ever increasing beast of an industry. We will tirelessly rant, rage and rave about new and existing online casinos that are out there to be played, we want to ensure you are informed with enough information to make the right choices when enjoying your favourite casino online games.

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At we positively love to be able to give an online casino a rip roaring review, especially if they are unique, innovative and offering a safe betting and secure environment for their players. We want you to maximise the amount of fun you can have bringing you the latest info on welcome bonuses, rewards, promotions, free spins, prizes and more that are up for grabs. If you’re an online casino that does not live up to your own self defining standards then we also love to rip you apart, eat you for breakfast, chew you up and spit you bonuses

We want to bring you the latest news from the world of online casinos, the newest and most popular games available and always encourage you to gamble responsibly. So if you are an online casino monster yourself and want to keep your finger on the pulse of this industry and what’s on offer to satiate your game playing appetite, then welcome to your new monstrous home. Where you can be assured you will get a truly honest and informed opinion even it means we get shit for it, we simply want to help you have the best online casino experience possible!

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At we are as much about the monstrous amount of fun you can have playing online casino games, as we are about the exciting, safe betting, secure experience you get and of course the opportunity to win money. So we offer you the chance to get your game hungry chops around some of the most popular and newest games in the online casino market today. Like some of the incredibly good casinos online we write about that offer you a chance to play the games on their platforms before you decide to sign up, wants it readers to get a great big bite of the action too.

So once you have had a tantalising taste at you can then take your time to peruse our honest and transparent reviews of the top online casinos in the market today. Take your chances feasting at the banquet of games, bonuses, free spins, rewards and promotions at the one that best suits you. Be you a new or old school casino online player wants to welcome you with a great big beastly flavour of the best you can expect from your takes a great big bite out of everything they have to offer, as we want our readers to know that we are as transparent with our reviews as the top online casinos are with their information. You seriously do not want to be venturing in to the world of online casinos which can be littered with a huge amount of bullshit, without stopping by for a totally non bull shit take, on what’s hot to eat and what’s not eat in the casino online market. All taken from our own personal experience with the casinos online we talk about.

The online casino market is one of the first to be established on the web and has grown exponentially especially in its formative years. It is fair to say that as an industry it has had its ups and downs, today there is literally 100’s of online casinos and is here to guide you through this minefield. We call it a minefield because as an industry they are somewhat unregulated and it relies upon a form of self-regulation through affiliate sites such as ourselves to promote the best and in the case of eat the worst and spit them out. Yet for all the good we do there are still casinos online that engage in fraudulent behaviour, stalling tactics on pay outs, lie about casino bonuses, promotions, free spins and rewards or simply do not pay out at all. We really do want to ensure that the online casinos we advocate on our site use the best practices available to ensure their players a safe betting, secure, reliable and above all enjoyable service.

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As the realm of online gambling has inevitably grown so have the advancements in the technology that the software developers use to create the games and platforms online casino bring to you. In the early days the developer’s and designers were laboriously using HTML code, JavaScript and C++programming, to bring you there casino online platforms and gambling games. This inevitably led to there being many glitches, slow download speeds, security issues and a lot of the time a quite frankly terrible

We are thrilled to say that with the introduction of vector imaging and the creation of programmes such as adobe flash, HTML5 and SSL encryption technology, many of these issues are well and truly behind the industry. This has enabled them to easily build bigger, brighter, bolder, slicker, unique, secure, safe betting and innovative online casino and mobile casino experiences for us all to engorge ourselves on. It also means that it has become easier for companies who want to take advantage of the casino online playing public to do so. Ripping us off and praying on those of us who may have a gambling problems. This type of behaviour enrages us here at and we promise to do all we can to expose and disclose those casinos online that do so. Don’t get us wrong though we can appreciate that even the best there is on offer can have a bad day, but there is a huge difference between having a bad day and what is tantamount to ripping people off and fraudulent activity!

Every online casino today is offering you something to tantalise your taste buds, casino bonuses, free spins and more to get you salivating and chomping at the bit to join their family. has taken it upon itself to ensure you get the latest and greatest amount of information, so you our readers can make the best choice for you, amongst the plethora of casino bonuses that are on offer.

We will literally munch through the great, the good, the bad and the downright ugly of what is out there. To ensure you know when you join the online casino of your choice, that casino bonus or huge amount of frees spins you were after and the promotion you wanted to play for is the real deal. It is the bonuses, free spins and promotions that online casinos offer which is the primary way they compete against each other in the ever increasing market place. The casino bonus is usually deposit related and the most popular form is a percentage matched to your first deposit, up to a certain cash amount and in some cases your second, third, fourth and even fifth deposits. wants you to please note that usually all casino bonuses are linked to wagering restrictions and you should read the terms and conditions on these before you make your first deposit into any online casino. We also advise you that when you have registered with any one of the recommended sites on here, verifying your account is imperative to ensure a hassle free and secure experience with them. Other than wagering restrictions on your casino bonus, there may be other restraints such as time, country and maximum withdrawal, so please do check. At we always will try to point out when a casino online offers higher than average wagering or other restrictions that may negate the use of your bonus. Your enjoyment, safety and security playing online casino is our most paramount concern, wants to be your safe space, filled with the invaluable and impartial information you our casino bonus loving readers need.

The one and only true casino guide online

How does ensure you of this? Well as we have pointed out we simply love to feast upon online casinos, we live, sleep, breathe and of course eat them. We have a ravenous appetite so when you read one of our reviews you can be totally assured we have spent our time and money playing at that casino online. We explore every orifice of the casino online, their mobile apps, customer services, deposit and withdrawal systems, safe betting, gambling responsibly and FAQ’s details. We engorge ourselves on the experience to give you a fully impartial and true depiction of what it is like to visit, sign up and take advantage of their casino bonuses, welcome bonuses, free spins, jackpots and of course the gargantuan amount of games they

There are literally thousands of online casino games out there for you to indulge yourselves in, the most popular being online video slots, many of which are based on games in land based casinos. Slots offer a gargantuan amount of game playing fun, not to mention, rewards, bonuses, free spins, jackpots, progressive jackpots and are often the focus of many casino online promotions and prizes. We at absolutely love to play our slots and we will be looking to bring you reviews of the most popular, creative, innovative, lucrative and exciting online casino slots that are available to play today.

As online casinos have developed so has the spectrum of games they offer and when you visit one today you can expect to find an all-encompassing experience. The industry has become highly competitive so therefore the choices on offer have grown to be out of this world, with most casinos online offering card games, dice games, virtual table games and live casino lounges. You can expect to be able to enjoy a real casino experience from the comfort of your own home, with games like blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and their numerous variations. With the advent of mobile casino apps and the leaps and bounds in the technology powering our online casino platforms some of the big guns on the scene have even introduced live sports betting to their larder of treats for you to satiate your casino online appetites. So you can see why it so important for to be abreast of the latest and greatest offerings, as well as making sure you know the games and casinos that provide them are offering you a truly fair and random playing experience.

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In order to ensure the games you are playing are genuine and real safe betting opportunities most of today’s online casinos get their licences from third party software providers. These are developers who supply them their gaming libraries and in some cases the back end processing for the online casino. Developers such as NetEnt, Microaming, Betsoft, Playtech, CryptoLogic, Rival and Real Time Gaming, are well established and have wicked reputations, making them some of the most trusted names in casino online gaming and platform development today. All of the games, with their casino bonuses, free spins and rewards, these providers produce are extensively tested by independent organisations to ensure they are genuinely random.

Play mobile casino

Since the development of smartphone technology being able to enjoy your favourite online casino while you are on the go has really taken off in the industry. Every well-established or credible new casino online has a mobile app that is as secure and user friendly as their desktop site, offering their players the same exhilarating instant play platforms. will bring you the same no bull shit incites in to the mobile casinos, provided by the sites we review, we really do take a serious bite out of every online casino we can. We want to assure you that the place you choose to play at gives you every opportunity to have an exciting, secure, safe betting experience whenever and wherever you are. How will we do this? By checking that the mobile casino works across all mobile devices and platforms, whether it be android, IOS or windows. Making sure that the most popular games we know you love to feast upon are available and that the casino online promotions, rewards, casino bonuses, free spins and more are readily available to you. We will also ensure that the processes such as signing up, deposits and withdrawals, contacting customer services and finding out the online casinos safe betting, gambling responsibly information and FAQ’s are also all just as easily accessible. is seriously on the side of you our readers, we cannot reiterate it enough, if an online casino does not come up to muster in our experience with them we will take immense pleasure in raging about it to you!wad-mobile-games-v2

As we have mentioned at reading the terms and conditions of the casino online you choose to play at is very important, we will reiterate this time and time again. If you have any issues understanding the T’s and C’s then a good online casino will have an in depth FAQ’s section and customer services that will be able to help. It is imperative that you have a solid understanding of how the casino online you choose to play at will work for you, they should strongly encourage this as much as we do. Any disputes you may have are unlikely to be resolved in your favour if you simply do not understand the rules and as there is no regulatory body over seeing online gaming the online casinos currently have no restrictions over what they include. At we unfortunately cannot break down the T’s & C’s at every casino online we review but we will endeavour to steer you clear from any site we believe is not transparent and forthcoming with the information you need to make informed decisions about where you choose to play! is an affiliate site and yes we are a marketing tool for online casinos to use to promote their platforms and yes we do get paid for our reviews and views. There is no bullshit here that is quite simply what we are, affiliate sites are really the only sustainable means of implementing some kind of accountability in the casino online industry. truly does not give a flying shit if an online casino does not want to affiliate to our site or pay us for the reviews we write, especially if we have found them to be a distasteful and have quite literally massacred them in one way or another. Quite frankly it is our job, to make sure our readership have the most satisfying experience they can and if you are a casino online who believes in the same well then come and sit at our table will be happy to dine out with you! We really have tried to do our very best to bring you the most accurate and up to date information. Yet we also strongly recommend for your own security and benefit that you evaluate any of the online casinos you are interested in playing at yourselves. At the end of the day it is your money and your experience not ours, why not try playing small at first this is a responsible way to gamble anyway and gives you the time to become comfortable and know you can trust the casinos online you play at!

What you get when visiting

So in a nut shell this is what we are looking for in a great online casino when we are reviewing and what you should be too:

  • Is the online casino operated by one or more of the reputable and trusted gaming software and platform providers? (NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech etc…)leovegas-4
  • Are they licenced by a regulated and trusted jurisdiction? (UK, Malta, Netherlands, Isle of Man etc…)
  • Does the casino online offer good casino bonuses, free spins, rewards and promotions etc…?
  • Are their pay out and wagering percentage’s fair?
  • Do they offer mobile casino online?
  • Does the online casino advocate responsible gambling and safe betting?
  • Are they transparent and informative with their T’s & C’s and FAQ’s information?
  • Do they offer great customer service and support?
  • Do they have a reputable history?

In fact the list goes on but you can get the picture and after reading a few of our reviews you will certainly know what you should be keeping your monster loving online casino eyes open for! Welcome to!!!